FMHI  (Filipino Mental Health Initiative) 

We help increase the happiness of our community. How do we do this?

  • Help reduce the stigma of mental health and substance abuse, because even today there are too many myths floating around about mental health.
  • Increase access to services, because so many people who need help have trouble getting the help.
  • Empower the community through outreach. After all, not everyone knows all the resources available.

FMHI was formed in 2006 from the members of Kapwa Pilipino Advocacy Group (KAPAG). FMHI is a volunteer organization. We have relationships and/or partnerships with government agencies and private organizations, including the following.

  • San Mateo County Behavioral Office of Diversity & Equity
  • Asian American Recovery Services
  • Pilipino Bayanihan Resource Center
  • FMHI San Francisco
  • Skyline College